Nowhere Safe (2021)

⚠️ Trigger Warning ⚠️
This short fiction contains sensitive content about sexual assault.

Short diary of an Unnamed Girl about her growing anger and despair in a patriarchal society.

Inspired by raw, spontaneous, and emotional writing by @ainthebooks (Instagram).

Artist Personal Notes, 2021:
1 year ago, after hearing enough stories about various sexual assaults in my lifetime, another viral case came to the public attention; that of Novia Widyasari’s (RIP), which triggered a deep helplessness and fury inside me.

In the midst of processing my emotions, my friend sent this raw, spontaneous, and emotional writing by @ainthebooks (Instagram) to me. It enhanced my anger toward the grave injustice, but it also inspired me to spread the anger in a visual form to conceive the emotions even more, hoping to spark the anger to you and everybody else.
“Anger has a long history of bringing about positive change.” - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Novia’s case had somewhat “formally” concluded and Indonesia has passed the sexual violence eradication bill, but we still have long way to go to make Indonesia a truly safe space — and home — for its women.

I still have hope that my personal anger is also shared by the masses — a collective anger. An outrage among just about anyone with eyes and ears.

Hope this comic bothers you.